Turkish-American artist Yucel Donmez one of world unique artist about paintings and sculpture. Donmez art first seeing The Art Institute of Chicago, July 1987 when he has a junior museum exhibit and 12 days demonstration about his unique technique then he starts working with Chicago’s famous organization Urban Gateways almost 12 years serving public schools he was art with workshops.

Yucel Donmez finish Turkish art academia Tatbiki Guzel Sanatlar Yuksek Okulu 1974 and he started doing his first Land Artworks Turkish Mountains (Kackar Mountains- Quartet Kenyon) 11 stone sculptures were in Kenyon the artist meaning, nature and artist get together to create a new vision.

Yucel Donmez first artist experiment Snow Paintings in the snow (1969 Palandoken mountains-Erzurum). In the art history, his Snow paintings mention about he was the first artist experiment Snow Paintings. Also, Yucel Donmez’s paintings technique develops by artist late 1970’s base with licking technique. After his demonstration in The Art Institute of Chicago, his technique start using many another artist in the wırld because national television channel WGN broadcast his interview prime time July 1987 then his technique spread all over the world. Now the artist using his techniques different version nobody using today.

Yucel Donmez living Chicago but he works last 12 years in Istanbul’s new metro stations creating his contemporary public art because he is style unique and mark in the world art. Yucel Donmez’s art now not only incredibly art also best investment about art.