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Yucel donmez today has a very important place in the art of fame. The artist can be portrayed as an example to today's multi-faceted artists, with works of protest art work and land art, while at the same time attracting the sanctity stamp with the new style and style that the world has brought to visual arts. Just as Gerald Richter has produced works in many versions of art, Yucel Donmez has been attracted to his work by opening up his art to all kinds of innovations within his own circle, preserving the update, and stamping the centuries old. Born in 1946, the artist is one of Chicago's first digital artists with 3D digital collage work. In 2001, in Ankara, Turkey's capital, perhaps by opening its first personal digital collage exhibition in the world, has scored a first in the technological arts. In 2001, the Berlin world Donmez exhibiting video art of the plasma television stand Vestel television companies in the electronics fairs, Land Art works made in Turkey in 1975 and is also known by his painting for the first time on the snow in the world. Yucel Donmez then made a profit in the world history of art history in 1993 by making a profit picture study in Grand Park in Chicago. Donmez believes that art should not be understood as it is today, "art is the feelings, thoughts and feelings that the artist instantly sends to the canvas or any material as it comes from within, that art has taken on too much philosophy and destroyed the real function of the art, It delivers. Yucel Donmez pointed out that painting is not art by painting two lines. "For me, visual art is the art that the artist has created with his high emotions and he can reveal improvisation.